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Meet Angi Griffin

► From: Lakeland, FL
► Started Running: 2012, at age 56
► LRC 2022 Race Planning Committee Chair

In 2012, a friend told Angi Griffin that it was so nice outside that they needed to walk Lake Hollingsworth instead of being stuck inside working out. They started meeting at the lake a couple of times a week. Angi was really intimidated being there because there were people running and we were walking. Some were even talking and laughing while they ran.  After a couple of weeks, her friend said we should try running a little. That was a hard no for Angi. She didn’t run and didn’t like it, and besides, it might ruin her knees and she didn’t want to die (which she was sure would happen if she ran)! After a couple of more weeks went by, she started noticing there were some people much older than herself running.  She decided she could try it and here we are today.

What is your favorite thing about being connected to LRC? 

It’s really hard to pick one specific thing. The feeling of community is at the top of my list. I’ve met so many wonderful people. 

Why do you serve on the LRC board? 

It happened quite by accident when Gail Hardy asked Lynn King and I to be Watermelon co-race directors a few years back. Working closely with the board as a race director allowed me to see all the inner workings of the club, their mission, and the need for more people to step up. By the time the last Watermelon race over, I knew I wanted to be part of helping the club in a more active role. It really does take a village of committed like-minded individuals (volunteers) to do all the things the club does throughout the year. LRC offers so many wonderful opportunities to touch lives in a positive way through group runs, races, and educational activities, and I wanted to be a part of this.

What is your favorite running memory? 

I’d have to say participating in the Aching Quad Challenge is a favorite. For several years I avoided signing up because I didn’t think I could do it. But I signed up with a group of friends and we had a blast. I did it! I didn’t die! LOL! And I placed in my age group! So…win win win!

What is something most people don’t know about you? 

I’m pretty much an open book so this question is challenging. Maybe folks don’t know that I was born in Lakeland, grew up in the Green Swamps on a small farm, and have lived in Lakeland all my life with the exception of 5 years in Chicago when my husband was transferred. While I thoroughly enjoyed our time in Chicago, I’m a country girl at heart. 

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Know a Runner We Should Meet?

Do you know someone from the Lakeland running community we should get to know better?   There are so many amazing people in our community and we want to highlight them and share their enthusiasm for running or walking and being part of an active community. 

Maybe it’s someone who has been inspirational to you, achieved an incredible goal, or demonstrated courage to start (or re-start!), or clearly lives the LRC mission to promote running in the community.

You do not have to be a LRC member to nominate someone.  Nominating a person/group does not guarantee they will be featured. Preference will be given to current LRC members.

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Meet Angi Griffin