Lakeland Running Groups

Below is a partial list of running groups around Lakeland. Before setting out to run with one of these groups for the first time, it is a good idea to contact the group coordinator beforehand. Times and places tend to change.

Do you run regularly with a small group of people and want to welcome more runners? Of course you do!

If your running group is free and open to the public, email the necessary info and we can add it to the list.

Looking for LRC training or group runs?  Find those HERE

Galloway Run-Walk-Run

3 Weekly Runs
  • 6:30 AM Monday
  • 5:00 AM Tuesday
  • 6:30 AM Wednesday

The Pack

3 Weekly Runs
  • 5:00 AM Tuesday
  • 5:00 AM Thursday
  • 5:30 AM Saturday

Black Girls RUN!

2 Weekly Runs
  • 6:00 PM Wednesday
  • 6:00 AM Sunday

FITniche Pub Run

1 Weekly Run
  • 6:00 PM Tuesday

Black & Brew Fun Run

1 Weekly Run
  • 7:00 AM Saturday