LRC Scholarship Program

Scholarships are for Polk County graduates with the application and funding administered by the Polk Education Foundation (PEF).  

The LRC funds the scholarships from the proceeds from the Summer Sunrise Watermelon Series.  The proceeds of the 2011 Summer Sunrise Watermelon Series created the first LRC scholarship fund and $1,000 was awarded to one Polk County HS graduate.  As the race grew, more scholarships were awarded.  A full list of recipients is below. 


Donate to the LRC Scholarship Fund

Visit the LRC donation page to give a personal contribution to the annual scholarship fund.

Application Process

The application process opens for one month starting in mid-to-late January. 
Watch the PEF page or their social media for updates.

The scholarship page with information and application can be found on the PEF website.
Also found there are links to:
1. Application/process directions
2. Frequently Asked Questions
3. Helpful Hints
4. List of all awards available.
(The list starts with a “Countywide” listing and then notes individual schools that have donor sponsored awards. Students should read each to see what applies to them).

The requirements for the Lakeland Runners Club Scholarship are: to have completed three full seasons of participation in cross country or track, and to submit an essay on "How has the sport of running changed, impacted or influenced your life?"

Once submitted online, the students should print their application, collect signatures, attach a copy of their finalized SAR and turn the complete packet into their Guidance Counselor, by the date their school sets. Students can continue to check the PEF scholarship webpage for any awards that might start after the opening date.

LRC Scholarship Recipients

Jamison Bennett, Mulberry High School

Adrianna Herrera, Mulberry High School

Juan Landaeta, Bartow High School/Bartow International Baccalaureate

Thomas Nikel, Ridgeview Global Studies

Lina Rifai, Harrison School of the Arts/Lakeland High School

Rebecca Fallaw, McKeel

Payson Keown, Haines City

Alena Kozul, Harrison School for the Arts/Lakeland High School

Iva Kozul, Harrison School for the Arts/Lakeland High School

Emily Maul,  McKeel

Caleb Joshway, Auburndale

Victoria Odikpa, Bartow IB

Khristian Runcie, George Jenkins

Sydney Harrington, Harrison

Autumn Kloth, Lake Wales

Marcus Hall, Lakeland

Jackson Moxley, McKeel

Trey Odegaard, McKeel

Connor Legendre, Polk State Collegiate

Eva Harris, Polk State Collegiate

Taylor Rickey, Polk State Collegiate

Steven Warren, Winter Haven

Tomasue Borbor, Winter Haven

Andrew Chambers, George Jenkins

Noah Farthing, Lake Wales

Ethan Gonzalez, Haines City IB

Autumn Martin, Bartow

Jacob Nakamura, Bartow IB

Emily Orme, McKeel

Samantha Pruitt, Auburndale

Brooke Smith, Auburndale

Kevin Updike, Lake Wales IB

Luz Vazquez-Hernandez, Mulberry

Sophia De La Cruz, Harrison

Arianna Farrulla, Lake Gibson

Aria McDaniel, Haines City

William Mosley, George Jenkins

Karina Sanchez, Lake Region

Bryson Schneider, Auburndale

Anna Sentner, George Jenkins

Sydney Slagel, Chain of Lakes

Anthony Solis, Auburndale

Elizabeth Solomon, McKeel

Cat Morris, Auburndale

Emma Moses, Harrison

Lauren Musselman, George Jenkins

Stephanie Bautista, Lake Region

Sophie Valenti, Harrison

Carlton Buckle, Kathleen

James Burkett, Aurburndale

Anthony Dudgeon, Lake Wales

Carson Hosegood, Polk State Collegiate

Brady Zimmerman, George Jenkins

Isabelle Clark, Haines City

Denise Hernandez, Harrison

Devan Legendre, Lake Region

Yvena Louis, Lake Region

Kimberly Luna-Karpinteyro, Lake Wales IB

Caleb Rigel, Lake Wales IB

Paul Stafford, Lake Wales IB

Juan Vezquez-Hernandez, Mulberry

Davis Benningfield, Polk State Collegiate

Willie Baker, Lakeland

Jaden Dixion, Ridge Community

Luis Gomez, Auburndale

Sayma Islam, Haines City

Febie-Anna Joseph, Auburndale

Samaya Wilson, Tenoroc

Fabiola Aybar-Mota, Lakeland

Illiana Addison, Ridge Community

Matthew Cranston, Ridge Community

Casey Johnson, George Jenkins

Felipe Juan, Haines City

Victoria Jung, George Jenkins

Tan Nguyen, George Jenkins

Leif Henrickson, McKeel

Dakota Jones, McKeel

Ruby Lewis, George Jenkins

DeAundra Oldfield, Kathleen

Marqualis Williams, Mulberry

Anna Wunderlich, George Jenkins

Aluana Reckley, Bartow

Arthur Nguyen, Tenoroc

Jonathan Hulzebos, Lakeland

Roxanna Caballero, Lake Region

Phoebe Ferguson, Harrison

Michael Monte, Lakeland

Julie Van Hart, Bartow IB