Abuse Awareness Training

We love our kids and want to keep them safe, so we need your help. To keep youth running thriving, we encourage volunteers for Lakeland Runners Club (LRC) race to complete a free, short training course that was designed to meet the requirements of the 2018 federal law commonly known as the Safe Sport Act.

By taking this training, you are a part of our daily effort to make athlete well-being the centerpiece of our running programs. Thank you for helping us champion respect, and end abuse in sport.

Follow these steps to complete the abuse awareness training. You will be able to view your certificate in your Education Hub profile.  Please share the certificate on your website or LinkedIn profile to show your support to end abuse in sport.

  • • Create your RRCA Education Hub account or login using your RRCA.org login credentials.
  • •  View 100% of the training (hint, you can’t fast forward through it or turn off the volume). Plan for 25-30 minutes to complete the training.
  • •  Complete the quiz at the end. Then click “Proof of Abuse Awareness Training Completion” to the right. Complete the form to claim your certificate.


  • •  The system will generate a downloadable certificate of completion. It will also save to your profile in the RRCA Education Hub.

Additional Resources for Parents – not part of the Safe Sport Training requirements for Lakeland Runners Club.

Designed for the parents of athletes of all ages, this COURSE explains the issues of misconduct in sport and helps parents ensure their children have a positive and safe sport experience.