Runners love a good story and gain inspiration from each other by sharing them. Get a high from creating them. Pine over what will be their next opportunity and plan and visualize what that event will be like and mean to them. We collect mementos in bibs, medals, sometimes even smelly shoes and hang them on our walls or stash them safely in boxes.

A few years ago, a fellow board member asked a fantastic question: “What is our (LRC) story”. I am thrilled to share with you what a great edition of chapters we wrote this year. My privilege is to write this but in the pages of our 2022 annual report you will find a celebration of a passionate and deeply cherished community of athletes and volunteers that show up every day and put in the work to create another year of countless memories. So we can look back and say “That was so worthwhile. Was a little dicey for a moment maybe, but LET’S DO IT AGAIN”. And we sign up for the next one before we can even walk again.

Your Board of Directors and committees continue to strive for a strong and healthy member organization. Diligence in event and strategic planning continues to lay a strong financial foundation for the club. This groundwork has us positioned for incredible potential in new events, membership growth and continued professionalism in executing our mission in the greater Lakeland community. If you see any of our board members, please help me in thanking them. They each have dirty little fingerprints all over Lakeland running in ways that surprise me every day.

To all of you: Thank you for continuing our tradition of a 100% volunteer led community. For making others feel welcomed, inspired, and tethered to running and the Lakeland Runners Club. As a team we keep moving forward stronger every day, continuing to log miles and write chapters. Cheers, and on to a 50th year of doing what we love with the greatest humans in town.

Michelle Hoffert, President

2022 Annual Report