Lakeland Runners Club Unveils New Logo

Lakeland, Florida – January 1, 2024 – The Lakeland Runners Club, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching lives through running announces the launch of a new logo as the club heads into its 51st year.  

The Lakeland Runners Club has been active in the local community for 50 years. An all-volunteer organization, the club holds road races, group training, youth development, and social events that allow people of all ages and abilities to participate in the pursuit of enjoyment, health, well-being, and competition.

“While our logo has undergone a transformation, we remain committed to our mission and core values.” stated Chris Baker, President of the Lakeland Runners Club. “Launching a new logo isn’t just about giving us a new look. It’s about looking back on where we’ve come from. It’s about looking to the future, looking to where we want to go. It reflects our recognition of how our organization, the sport of running, and the community we serve have evolved and the need for a more versatile and inclusive logo.”

Central to the new logo is Lakeland’s iconic swan. The logo’s five wing sections symbolize the club’s five focus areas: fitness, community, leadership stability, financial viability, and relationships. The color palette reflects the connection to Lakeland’s lakes and sunny climate, resulting in a visually appealing and adaptable identity for the organization.

The previous logo, adopted in 1991, was a multi-colored design depicting runners in a tropical scene. Limitations in printability and adaptability across digital platforms prompted the decision to reimagine the logo.

Crafted in collaboration with The Lakelander’s creative team, the new logo will be integrated across the club’s digital platforms this week and integrated into program logos and equipment throughout the year.

Contact Information:
Chris Baker, President
Lakeland Runners Club, Inc.

Lakeland Runners Club Unveils New Logo