The Lakeland Runners Club (LRC) is deeply committed to our local running community and we have spent the past 46 years helping people find joy, fellowship, health and well-being through running.

Our races, events, programs, groups runs, and training all are designed to bring runners together where diversity in all things is embraced. Runners are old and young, slower and faster, and come in all shapes and sizes and colors. And all we see are runners, and they are family. But recent events have shown us that we can — and should — do more to make runners of all backgrounds and abilities feel welcome and safe.  

While being open to all runners has been our hallmark, we now see a need to make sure that message gets to everyone, in all communities; that we aren’t just waiting for people to join us, rather that we are actively reaching out and seeking a broad and diverse group of people to ensure a strong, vibrant and healthy running family.

We can’t fix the world, but we can start here, in our community, doing the right things. We will be seeking your help in this outreach; it’s something we can all do. Runners are a very special group of people, and the roads should be an open, safe, and equal playing field for all.

Contact the LRC board president at to find out specific steps you can take to help.

Respect for Participants: The Lakeland Runners Club (LRC) respects the fundamental rights, dignity, and worth of all participants. The LRC is committed to creating and holding programs and activities where everyone belongs and is encouraged to participate. We expect everyone to treat each other with respect, which includes respecting their privacy, being kind, patient and compassionate, and not making assumptions.

Commitment to Respect the Lives of All Runners