September 26, 2021
The Nominating Committee of the Lakeland Runners Club, Inc. (LRC) is accepting applications for the board of directors.

The deadline for nominations is Oct 10, 2021.

The Lakeland Runners Club is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to promote running and fitness for runners of all ages and abilities in the community.

The board of directors of a nonprofit has three primary legal duties known as the duty of careduty of loyalty, and duty of obedience.

  • Duty of Care: Board members should ensure they are attending board meetings, coming prepared, asking questions, using independent judgment when voting for actions that impact the organization.
  • Duty of Loyalty: Make decisions that are in the best interest of the organization; not in the best interest of the individual board member or another organization they may be associated with. Disclose conflicts of interest and avoid the use of organization’s assets for personal gain.
  • Duty of Obedience: Comply with applicable laws, follow the bylaws of the organization, and be guardians of the mission and purpose of the organzation.

Time and Other Commitments: The LRC is a volunteer working board, meaning that the board of directors is involved in setting policy as well as the day-to-day running of the corporation. Directors not only provide high-level leadership but also are the “hands and legs” of the organization. Per the LRC bylaws, the president, subject to the control of the board of directors, shall, in general, supervise and control the business and affairs of the corporation. The executive committee is composed of the officers of the corporation and shall have and exercise the authority of the board of directors in the management of the affairs of the corporation between meetings of the board of directors.

LRC directors and officers must be able and willing to review the bylaws and all policies and procedures of the corporation. Directors must be available to participate at all regular board meetings. If a director cannot attend a meeting in person, calling into a meeting can be arranged. Special board meetings may be required from time to time. Directors are expected to review periodic emails and reports from the executive committee and are expected to review materials in advance of meetings to be prepared to engage in discussion. Directors should expect to attend the general member meetings, and lead or assist at one or more club activities listed below.

Directors serving on the executive committee, as a race director, or coach may be eligible to attend RRCA conferences and/or specific training for their area of responsibility and be reimbursed by the LRC.

Terms of Office: The term for all elected board positions is two years, as defined as follows: the term begins on the day of the annual meeting and lasts until the comparable day two years hence when the annual meeting of the membership is held. For purposes of term limits, such terms are considered to be precisely two years.

Consecutive years of service on the board cannot exceed six years. After the maximum allowable period of service has been fulfilled, there is a mandatory waiting period of at least one year before an individual is again eligible to serve on the board.

All officers shall be elected annually. A director may be elected to the same office or a different office. A director shall only serve in the same office for a maximum of two consecutive years.

Nominations: The nominating committee will review all nominations. A report from the nominating committee to the members will be prepared and posted with the notice of the annual meeting of the membership in accordance with the bylaws Article IV, Section 4.

Election:  The slate of directors shall be voted on by eligible delegates at the annual meeting of the membership as per the LRC bylaws Article IV.  Elections for the directors will be held at the annual meeting of the membership to be held in the fourth calendar quarter per the LRC bylaws Article IV, Sections 4-5. Officers are elected at the annual meeting of the board of directors to be held within seven days following the annual meeting of the membership per the LRC bylaws Article V, Section 8.

The following officer and director positions are up for election in 2021.

  • President (1)
  • Vice President (1)
  • Secretary (1)
  • Treasurer (1)
  • Race Planning Chair (1)
  • Training Programs and Group Runs Chair (1)
  • Member Engagement Chair (1)
  • Governance & Nominating Chair (1)
  • Finance & Audit Chair (1)
  • Director at Large (5—8)

Eligibility Requirements: To be eligible for nomination as an officer or director of the LRC, a nominee must be a member of the LRC and be at least 18 years of age. A prospective nominee shall:

  1. support the purpose and mission of the corporation
  2. demonstrate a commitment to running or expertise in one or more areas of need
  3. be able to focus in a team environment on governance and oversight of a nonprofit organization
  4. be able to participate in discussions with respect and tolerance for differing opinions and ideas
  5. be willing to share responsibility and delegate tasks
  6. understand the role and responsibilities of LRC board members

Board Meeting Schedule:

Board of director meetings are scheduled for the first Monday of the month at 6:00 PM unless it falls on a holiday and then will be held on the second Monday.

  • Jan — end of year review, preview of year ahead
  • Feb — strategic planning session
  • Apr — 1st quarter meeting
  • Jul — 2nd quarter meeting
  • Oct — 3rd quarter meeting
  • 4th quarter – annual meeting of the board of directors


  • Jan — Mean & Green 5-Mile Trail Race
  • May — Mayfaire 5k
  • Jun, Jul, Aug — Summer Sunrise 5k Series
  • Oct — Aching Quad Challenge
  • Nov — Lake to Lake 10K

Group Runs and Training Programs

  • Weekly — Speed Workout
  • Weekly — Hill Run
  • Aug-May — Kids Run Club
  • Jul-Oct — Middle School Development
  • Mar-May — 5k Training Program
  • Aug-Nov — 10k Training Program