As the Lakeland Runners Club commemorates 45 years, we will host a John Scimone Memorial Run on November 21, 2019. 

We are also excited to revive and update the Fleetest Foot award for 2019. The Fleetest Foot award will go to 10 male and female members for their dedication to LRC events in the sport we love. We are adding an age-graded category, which will open the field to recognize runners of all ages.

To be eligible for the Fleetest Foot award, participants must be current with their LRC membership and complete all ten 2019 LRC races. Chip finish times will be tracked and awards will be presented on Nov. 21 to the top five male and female members in two categories: cumulative overall chip time and age-graded cumulative chip time. There will be no duplicate awards, and overall time will trump age-graded time.

Age graded calculators are intended to provide you with an age-graded race time and an achievement percentile for a recent performance at a specific race distance. Age-graded information allows you to:

  • Adjust your performance to what it theoretically would have been during your prime running years (your 20’s and a portion of your 30’s depending on the race distance).
  • Judge your performance, using an achievement percentile, without bias for gender or the aging process (in other words, you are measured against a specific standard for your age and sex). These percentiles can be interpreted as follows:
    • Over 90% — World Class
    • Over 80% — National Class
    • Over 70% — Regional Class
    • Over 60% — Local Class
  • Compare your performances for a specific race distance at various ages to determine which was your “best race”.we

2019 Fleetest Foot Awards

Congratulations to our 2019 Fleetest Foot Award Recipients.
Female Overall
Runner Name Age Sum of Total Finish Time
Kaelani Leone 31 03:27:30
Gelissa Rodriguez 44 03:35:47
Shannon Abitbol 36 03:47:02
Melanie Cookson 39 04:26:39
Linda Nugent 44 04:27:05
Male Overall
Runner Name Age Sum of Total Finish Time
William Lay 30 03:24:44
Ryan Shields 41 03:27:36
George Sapp 10 03:45:39
Chris Baker 43 03:47:34
Louis Irwin 60 04:10:01
Female Age Graded
Runner Name Age Sum of Age Graded Finish Time
Trish Walsh 56 03:50:24
Nanette Rodgers 83 04:01:34
Petra Beemer 49 04:05:28
Petra Norris 55 04:19:34
Meghan Ruger 35 04:48:20
Male Age Graded
Runner Name Age Sum of Age Graded Finish Time
Wilson Strouse 74 03:15:27
Todd Vargo 48 04:17:28
Tyler Ruger 34 04:20:32
Cliff Parkinson 71 04:22:31
Mike Rehn 33 04:45:00

2019 Series Participants

The following are our 2019 participants in each category. 

Runner NameAgeSum of Finish Time
Kaelani Leone3103:27:30
Gelissa Rodriguez4403:35:47
Shannon Abitbol3603:47:02
Melanie Cookson3904:26:39
Linda Nugent4404:27:05
Petra Beemer4904:29:35
Trish Walsh5604:31:14
Meghan Ruger3504:50:01
Pamela Smith3405:04:16
Jennifer Burnett3905:04:30
Petra Norris5505:04:53
Ellen Vargo4605:15:42
Melissa Shields3405:22:41
Kristen Chaves3905:47:25
Nicole Minott3405:58:09
Kim Baker3906:25:02
Nanette Rodgers8306:49:18
Cassandra Pileggi4807:09:05
Cheryl Kolb5207:14:19
Candy Bryant5909:11:12
Runner NameAgeSum of Finish Time
William Lay3003:24:44
Ryan Shields4103:27:36
George Sapp1003:45:39
Chris Baker4303:47:34
Louis Irwin6004:10:01
Tyler Ruger3404:24:21
Wilson Strouse7404:32:42
Todd Vargo4804:46:06
Mike Rehn3304:48:03
Darrell Acreman5305:37:20
Cliff Parkinson7105:49:00
Rick Briggs2805:55:31
Douglas Collins6105:55:53
Kevin Sapp3605:58:15
Bruce Snively6206:20:45
Runner Name Age Sum of Age Graded Finish Time
Gelissa Rodriguez 44 03:25:33
Kaelani Leone 31 03:27:28
Shannon Abitbol 36 03:45:07
Trish Walsh 56 03:50:24
Nanette Rodgers 83 04:01:34
Petra Beemer 49 04:05:28
Linda Nugent 44 04:14:30
Petra Norris 55 04:19:34
Melanie Cookson 39 04:21:29
Meghan Ruger 35 04:48:20
Ellen Vargo 46 04:54:05
Jennifer Burnett 39 04:58:34
Pamela Smith 34 05:03:09
Melissa Shields 34 05:21:06
Kristen Chaves 39 05:40:39
Nicole Minott 34 05:56:35
Kim Baker 39 06:17:33
Cheryl Kolb 52 06:24:59
Cassandra Pileggi 48 06:32:35
Candy Bryant 59 07:32:40
Runner NameAgeSum of Age Graded Finish Time
Ryan Shields4103:15:24
Wilson Strouse7403:15:27
George Sapp1003:16:43
William Lay3003:23:54
Louis Irwin6003:25:52
Chris Baker4303:31:37
Todd Vargo4804:17:28
Tyler Ruger3404:20:32
Cliff Parkinson7104:22:31
Mike Rehn3304:45:00
Douglas Collins6104:50:54
Darrell Acreman5304:52:45
Bruce Snively6205:10:48
Kevin Sapp3605:47:49
Rick Briggs2805:55:25