The Outstanding Volunteer Program is an initiative to reward members of the Lakeland Runners Club for participating and being more involved in club activities and events. Points will be earned throughout the year from January through the end of November.  Members who reach point benchmarks will receive rewards and be eligible for prize drawings.

Points can be earned in the following ways:
· Attend monthly meetings = 5 points
· Volunteer at an LRC race or one we work = 10 points
· Volunteer for LRC at other approved events = 5 points
· Volunteer packet stuffing or pick-up = 5 points

75 points are needed to be in the outstanding volunteer club (receive a shirt)

100 points is a Gold Member (receive a shirt, other rewards and eligible for Golden prize drawings)

125 points is a Diamond Miler (receive a shirt, other rewards, eligible for Golden and Diamond prize drawings)

*Volunteer is responsible for signing in at all events.  Race day sign-in sheets are located at the race day registration table.

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