2019 Lakeland Runners Club Race Registration Transfer Policy

Pursuant to the agreement signed at the time of registration, your entry-fee is non-refundable. Lakeland Runners Club provides a limited opportunity to transfer your registration. This applies to active individual registrants for the 2019 Lakeland Runner Club Events.  You are fully responsible for finding a replacement and collecting the registration fee from the transferee if desired.

Once your transfer request is received, the Race Director will contact the person who will receive your registration with instructions.

Your transfer must be fully completed prior to the deadline for each race stated below – please allow 48 hours for the request to be reviewed and instructions sent to your intended transfer.  No late transfers.

This policy prohibits a registrant from giving his/her bib to a non-registrant without going through the official transfer program.  Bib Mules will be disqualified. 

You may not transfer a single race from a series or challenge registration, i.e. if you register for the Watermelon 3 Race series, you must transfer the entire series by MAY 25.

On-line Registration Deadlines
Mayfaire 5k – APRIL 26
Watermelon Series &  Race 1 – MAY 25
Watermelon Race 2 – JUNE 29
Watermelon Race 3 – JULY 27
Aching Quad 4 Race Challenge & Individual Races – AUG 31
Double Down 5k – SEPT 28
Lake to Lake 10k – OCT 19