As the Lakeland Runners Club commemorates 45 years, we invite members to mark their calendars for the John Scimone Memorial Run on November 21, 2019 to acknowledge and remember the founder of the LRC.

We are also excited to revive and update the Fleetest Foot award for 2019. The Fleetest Foot award will go to 10 male and female members for their dedication to LRC events in the sport we love. We are adding an age-graded category, which will open the field to recognize runners of all ages.

To be eligible for the Fleetest Foot award, participants must be current with their LRC membership and complete all ten 2019 LRC races. Chip finish times will be tracked and awards will be presented on Nov. 21 to the top five male and female members in two categories: cumulative overall chip time and age-graded cumulative chip time. There will be no duplicate awards, and overall time will trump age-graded time.

Learn more about age grading from the USATF here.

Results Through Summer Sunrise Watermelon Series Race 2

Results will be published within 7 days of the event. The following are current top 50 in each category. OA and AG standings will be finalized after the 2019 LRC race series has ended. 

Runner NameAgeSum of Finish Time
Kaelani Leone3101:05:01
Gelissa Rodriguez4401:05:23
Shannon Abitbol3601:07:49
Yvonne Robinson6201:16:23
Janet Lamoureux5401:19:03
Trish Walsh5601:21:48
Melanie Cookson3901:21:53
Petra Beemer4901:22:38
Meghan Ruger3501:24:43
Carmela Lancaster5101:29:13
Maggie Ross2601:29:52
Trish Standard6201:30:52
Pamela Smith3401:32:47
Karly Lopez2801:35:10
Angela Lanasa5701:35:15
Jennifer Burnett3901:35:31
Petra Norris5501:35:48
Melissa Shields3401:36:17
Linda Nugent4401:36:47
Melissa Slater5001:41:59
Cheryl Boyd5101:42:14
Kimberly Inks3401:44:36
Nicole Minott3401:45:16
Hannah George3401:45:22
Marsha West6901:45:47
Kristen Chaves3901:48:23
Carolyn Gallagher5201:49:16
Heather Mason3901:50:41
Evie Cummings4001:52:10
Kelly Lyle3701:52:50
Ellen Vargo4601:53:36
Melinda Lapina4701:53:55
Erica Dunn3801:53:57
Tracey Abaray4701:55:21
Tina Wilson4201:57:05
Kim Baker3901:57:35
Julie Ashley5602:01:43
Jodie Julson5002:03:34
Cynthia Troxler3802:07:57
Nanette Rodgers8302:08:30
Crystal Pecket3502:09:03
Anna Reed4902:09:49
Cassandra Pileggi4802:09:54
Tessa Stanaland3802:10:30
Carissa Corpus2702:10:32
Sarah Nipper4102:10:34
Kathryn Mosser3002:11:32
Jane Troxler6902:17:44
Jessica Harden3202:21:39
Luanne Sadowsky5802:23:49
Lisa Lott5602:25:58
Cheryl Kolb5202:28:55
Dawn Serina5503:00:47
Candy Bryant5903:14:15
Runner NameAgeSum of Finish Time
Sam Hernan2501:01:14
William Lay3001:01:42
Ryan Shields4101:02:33
Rod Crowley5601:08:24
Chris Baker4301:09:26
George Sapp1001:09:47
Kile Rains2501:11:16
Louis Irwin6001:14:52
Stephen  Barber6001:18:55
Bob Pfeiffer6301:19:39
Jose Reyes3701:22:13
Buddy Mason5001:23:59
Gaydon Jordan5701:24:11
Wilson Strouse7401:24:46
Jason Pecket3601:26:36
Alex Morgan801:26:49
Mike Rehn3301:27:33
Allen Vogel801:29:24
Todd Vargo4801:30:24
George Poppenwimer7001:33:32
Timothy Gibson5301:34:00
Spencer Hall2501:35:38
Orbin Lopez4301:39:19
Cliff Parkinson7101:45:38
Joel Cayoja1001:46:15
Jake Rains1701:47:04
Darrell Acreman5301:47:28
Rick Briggs2801:51:16
John Campbell5701:51:35
Kevin Sapp3601:53:26
Rocky Chaves6001:54:35
Douglas Collins6101:55:53
Bruce Snively6201:57:31
Christopher Scott3902:02:36
Mark Chick6002:19:26
Tyler Ruger701:18:12
Runner NameAgeSum of Age Graded Finish Time
Yvonne Robinson6200:59:22
Gelissa Rodriguez4401:01:58
Kaelani Leone3101:05:00
Shannon Abitbol3601:07:11
Janet Lamoureux5401:07:19
Trish Walsh5601:08:21
Trish Standard6201:10:37
Nanette Rodgers8301:12:26
Marsha West6901:14:20
Petra Beemer4901:14:39
Angela Lanasa5701:18:39
Carmela Lancaster5101:18:52
Melanie Cookson3901:20:08
Petra Norris5501:20:39
Meghan Ruger3501:24:10
Maggie Ross2601:29:52
Cheryl Boyd5101:30:04
Melissa Slater5001:31:09
Linda Nugent4401:31:43
Pamela Smith3401:32:24
Jennifer Burnett3901:33:28
Karly Lopez2801:35:10
Carolyn Gallagher5201:35:32
Melissa Shields3401:35:54
Jane Troxler6901:37:41
Julie Ashley5601:41:41
Kimberly Inks3401:44:11
Nicole Minott3401:44:50
Hannah George3401:44:56
Melinda Lapina4701:45:05
Ellen Vargo4601:45:32
Kristen Chaves3901:46:03
Tracey Abaray4701:46:25
Heather Mason3901:48:19
Evie Cummings4001:49:11
Jodie Julson5001:50:03
Kelly Lyle3701:51:23
Erica Dunn3801:51:51
Tina Wilson4201:52:35
Kim Baker3901:55:04
Anna Reed4901:57:16
Luanne Sadowsky5801:57:22
Cassandra Pileggi4801:58:37
Lisa Lott5602:01:29
Cynthia Troxler3802:05:47
Sarah Nipper4102:06:22
Crystal Pecket3502:08:05
Tessa Stanaland3802:08:18
Cheryl Kolb5202:10:12
Carissa Corpus2702:10:32
Kathryn Mosser3002:11:32
Jessica Harden3202:21:31
Dawn Serina5502:31:37
Candy Bryant5902:36:38
Runner NameAgeSum of Age Graded Finish Time
Rod Crowley5600:57:27
George Sapp1000:58:21
Ryan Shields4100:58:41
Wilson Strouse7400:59:22
Louis Irwin6001:00:32
Sam Hernan2501:01:14
William Lay3001:01:31
Bob Pfeiffer6301:03:09
Stephen  Barber6001:04:10
Chris Baker4301:04:22
Alex Morgan801:05:39
Allen Vogel801:07:36
George Poppenwimer7001:09:31
Gaydon Jordan5701:10:09
Kile Rains2501:11:16
Buddy Mason5001:13:55
Cliff Parkinson7101:17:34
Jose Reyes3701:19:31
Todd Vargo4801:20:46
Timothy Gibson5301:20:50
Jason Pecket3601:24:18
Mike Rehn3301:26:31
Joel Cayoja1001:28:50
Orbin Lopez4301:32:04
Darrell Acreman5301:32:25
John Campbell5701:32:43
Rocky Chaves6001:33:10
Douglas Collins6101:33:27
Bruce Snively6201:33:59
Spencer Hall2501:35:38
Jake Rains1701:46:14
Kevin Sapp3601:49:56
Rick Briggs2801:51:14
Mark Chick6001:53:22
Christopher Scott3901:56:39
Tyler Ruger701:18:12